Hi Players!

This is the official DudoCreative 3.0 website!
Here you can find all the IDs useful for a creative server, just click on the left to start browsing the lists.

Join the closed beta

Very soon our new server DudoCreative 3.0 will open!

Click here to open a form and sign up for the official closed beta.

In order to open the beta testing, more than 30 players are required to have a complete gameplay experience and find all the possibile bugs; no more than 50 user will be accepted.

Vote us

If you like DudoCreative you can vote us to help the project! Click here

After having voted, type /reward in chat to have more saving slots, the /maxskills command and some RPGs.
Rewards are cleared during night, so vote every day to always have the gifts!

Join our Discord!

Do you know that we have an official Discord server?

Join it to keep in touch with other players and speak with them while playing. Click here

By joining it, you’ll receive a message every time we add a new feature, stay tuned!